Back in October 2018 I wrote an article on how to get Enemy Territory installed on a Raspberry Pi with support for this game being possible using the new experimental OpenGL driver. I believe shortly after the article was written that some changes may have broke the install process and, over the last couple of months, I’ve been working to get this process more polished off, including support for OpenGLES.

Good news! A pull request has been sent to the guys running the ET: Legacy project so hopefully soon the Raspberry Pi will be officially supported by the project.

If you want to give ET: Legacy a try on your Pi in the meantime, you can clone my fork of the repo which can be found here and follow the install instructions in the README under the “Raspberry Pi” header.

My notes regarding packages which need installing still apply in my previous article - my next job now is to get Omnibot officially working on the Pi.

Have fun!