Hi, I’m Ian. I currently work as a C# programmer for Tribal Group in the UK. In my spare time, as well as spending time with my family, I enjoy contributing to Open Source software, photography and trying my dab hand at making things (usually out of plastic - it’s a bit more forgiving). I especially like working with the Raspberry Pi computer and its camera module; over at my Github repo you’ll find MMALSharp which is a C# API for the camera module. My photography skills are somewhat developing; I own a Fujifilm Finepix S4800, and have also made my own camera that I like to call the SwitchCam - it was made from an old network switch and a dummy CCTV unit and is powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero and 8MP camera module.

If you’d like to follow or contact me I’m on Twitter with the handle @techyian.